The stars in the sky suddenly disappeared as she felt drops of rain falling on her forehead. She looked down, searched for an umbrella in her huge bag. The rain stopped, or it didn’t.
Beside her, he stood, umbrella in hand, a smile on his face. At that moment she knew, the stars in the sky disappeared but she was lucky enough to have the brightest by her side.
Days and months and years had passed and his shine brought light to her dull world. All the butterflies in the world flew to the pit of her stomach every second they were together, and if it were possible to explode from feeling so much happiness out of simple, mundane experiences they shared, she would have, a long time ago.
Who is she? She is the average type, at times nerdy and at times stubborn. She smiles when she is happy and cries, otherwise. But when he entered the doors of her life, he lived in her heart from that very night, and she became the girl who loved him with every cell of her entire being, and would love him for the rest of her life.
One night, after thousands they spent together, he told her that he could not love her. She cried buckets and buckets of tears to no avail. There are chances that would never come, dreams that would never come true, and stars that would never fall.
Days and months and years had passed, and nothing has changed. If friendship could be written on a book, theirs would have filled hundreds and hundreds of chapters. She loved him, she did. And he loved her, too, but never in the way she wanted him to.
They ask her, “Why?” More often than not, they tell her to stop and throw all her pointless feelings away. She simply shakes her tiny head with a sad smile etched on the corners of her mouth.
The stars in the sky suddenly disappeared as I felt drops of rain falling on my forehead. The rain stopped, and I looked up. Beside me, stood the star that shines the brightest. And I knew, that he would be by my side – always, forever… until he finally tells me that he loves me, too.
(I know it’s ugly; I don’t even know if it makes sense. But it’s still one of my favorite pieces.
Written last March 2012)